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Real Estate is what we do!
First time home buyer?
Moving up?
Vacation home?

We know Utah and can help you find your dream property.

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New to Salt Lake?

Salt Lake City is not exactly what you think it is! Come tour the valley with us, for a half day, FREE. We have lived here for 60 years and understand the challenges and the advantages. Besides, we make the day really fun!
What is the catch? Nothing! No sales pitch what-so-ever.

We only hope that when you think of real estate in Utah you will think of us.

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Helping Seniors Move

We serve the senior community by helping elders get moved to assisted living or a nursing home. We empty, clean, repair or stage their home FREE, in exchange for listing their home. We facilitate all aspects of the move, and are very kind and understanding as we know how stressful this move can be!

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Debbie And Chuck

Why is our website such a simple (and silly) name? It is because it is who we are! There are a million realtors out there. Most work hard, many have won awards. Why are Debbie and Chuck different?

Because of who we are. We believe in do-overs. This is a second marriage for each of us. Finding each other has given us the opportunity to find true love and the real purpose for living.

How does our sappy love story make us amazing realtors? Because every home you buy is a search for love, happiness and meaning.

We will be the matchmaker for the HOME=LOVE in your life!


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