Probably the question most people ask real estate agents is about the commission structure.

Will you work for less?

I needed a lawyer once, I tried to go the do-it-yourself way and wrote my own legally binding contract. It failed miserably. I found an excellent lawyer after that. I cringed when I wrote him a retainer check for $15,000. In the end he made everything simple for me. The papers came with an official letterhead, he fought for funds on my behalf, and he knew exactly what to do and when. Did I like paying him? No, not so much. But I am so glad I did.

Real Estate is exactly like that. It is the biggest purchase you will ever make. You want a professional to be right there with you, to make sure your money, your time, and your home is looked after. Debbie and Chuck will help you every step of the way and make sure the loan, transaction, inspection and appraisal go smoothly.

The answer to the question above is, no, we don't work for less. If you want the very best, you pay for the very best. It is risky to list or buy from someone that gives you nothing much for $399.

Remember that all of our special services are free. We will arrange the move, the estate sale and the cleanout, as well as be there as your confidant throughout the process.

What’s our Commission Structure?

Coldwell Banker charges between 6-7% commission on any listings. Debbie and Chuck charge 6%. The commission is split between the buyer's broker and the seller's broker, or 3% each. Out of that we pay 37% of that to our broker to pay for advertising, having an office, signs etc. The 63% (of the 3%) pays us, and we pay for our own taxes, insurance, websites, and marketing materials.